Hello Neighbor’s Sister Got The Most DANGEROUS HAIRCUT Ever! | Scary Teacher 3D

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Scary Teacher 3D Gameplay Details:

The story is about a genius girl and her worst high school teacher. The Scary Teacher has been threatening kids, giving physical punishment and at times torturing kids. Now, this scary teacher has relocated as your neighbor and you have decided to teach her a lesson by scaring her.

What’s the ideal revenge? It’s time to scare the “Creepy Teacher” by performing various activities and releasing pets under her custody. You must complete missions / tasks without getting caught and within allocated time.

Scary Teacher, commonly known as Miss T , house consists of 15 rooms and each room has some unsolved mystery. You will recover victim kids photo’s, threated pets, Chocolate cake and Chocolates. Remember there is “BASEMENT” as well that has something surprising.

The game takes inspirations from famous movie “Matilda”

Game Features includes
1. Open world style interactive house
2. 15 Different Rooms and Mysteries to solve
3. Horror themes but suitable for kids of all age
4. Easy Controls

Steam Page: store.steampowered.com/app/521...
Hello Neighbor Gameplay Details:

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game about sneaking into your neighbor's house to figure out what horrible secrets he's hiding in the basement. You play against an advanced AI that learns from your every move. Really enjoying climbing through that backyard window? Expect a bear trap there. Sneaking through the front door? There'll be cameras there soon. Trying to escape? The Neighbor will find a shortcut and catch you.

Suspenseful horror gameplay (not jump scares) that focuses on sneaking around your neighbor's house
Constantly evolving experience where the Neighbor's AI counters your moves, and learns from what you do
Sandbox-style gameplay with plenty of environmental interaction and physics


  1. Sherri Templin

    Sherri Templin

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    Is anyone gonna talk on how Francis was still wearing his jacket tho he took it off??

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  3. Maisie Yocelyn

    Maisie Yocelyn

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    kindy keyin i want to try to play scary teacher i always pumpt if isee im cathch ms t

  4. Dalphine Ntow

    Dalphine Ntow

    پیش 10 روز

    Thank you for the always points it i completed it

  5. Rae Gilbert

    Rae Gilbert

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    This is the second time I’ve gotten an ad for the same game he’s playing

  6. Karla M

    Karla M

    پیش 14 روز

    I clicked on this video and the first thing that happened was an add of scary teacher 3D 😂😂😂

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    Ennin Jeffery Nti

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    You're lucky

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    Ahmed Ali

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    Max •-•

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    That ending though! 😂😝

  10. Guddamez


    پیش 20 روز

    To every who watches Haikyuu. The jersey she’s whering for basketball in the thumbnail for you sports levels, the jersey she’s wearing is from the anime Haikyuu.



    پیش 21 روز

    i play scary teaher to but i lose

  12. Sara Dul

    Sara Dul

    پیش 21 روز

    New Record of beating Scairy teacher Congrats Kindley Keying!

  13. Gotta Go Fast

    Gotta Go Fast

    پیش 21 روز

    Frances saying I hate kids again

  14. Neelavathy B

    Neelavathy B

    پیش 22 روز

    Yo miss ti basketball uniform is haikyuu karasuno uniform

  15. brittana taylor

    brittana taylor

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    It not hello neigthbor sisber

  16. Reyna Hernandez

    Reyna Hernandez

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  17. saadia Peerbux

    saadia Peerbux

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    I actually got an advert of Scary Teacher 3D-

  18. Agnieszka Sadka

    Agnieszka Sadka

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    GG opisy

  19. Chloe Loves 1D

    Chloe Loves 1D

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    I love your videos Especially scary teacher 3D

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    Paul Daly

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    play playtime has friends a baldi mod

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    Benjamín Birgisson

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    Joly Gonzalez

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    1:00wow 6:55lol

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    butterfly girl gamer

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    I subscribed



    پیش ماه

    I hope miss T loves her haircut as much as I do :D

  26. A literal Normal Glitch

    A literal Normal Glitch

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    Yall agree that kindly Keyin is 🔥🔥🔥?

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    Kindly keyin is still my. favourite youtuber

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    Nice haircut Mrs.T

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    Rameka Das

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    Two new levels added a few days ago please play on monday

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    John ember

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    I am going to tell the truth that’s what I did

  31. John ember

    John ember

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    I have not been watching your videos for a while so I decided to come back

  32. Rob Carter

    Rob Carter

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    Amazing video

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    The secrry teacher video s at so funny 😄

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    I love your video s

  35. SuperMinusPie


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    I love your video s they make me happy ☺😀🙂

  36. will dickinson

    will dickinson

    پیش ماه

    Kindly I think you accidentally left out the very end of the hair cut screen because you said did you see her head when she bent down her head you could see her skin but I didn’t see it PLEASE READ

  37. Kristy Taylor

    Kristy Taylor

    پیش ماه

    It been months since I watched kindly keyin😭

  38. Avex Gaming

    Avex Gaming

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    The viking puzzle is like hello neighbor act 1. The magnet is in the trunk of the car.

  39. naimol ropla

    naimol ropla

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    Pickett Rebbecca

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    ujoill labana

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    john mark

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  43. pedro jao

    pedro jao

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    "1:42" I use only this site *𝗜𝗡𝗝𝗔𝗣𝗣* works every time I use it, it works in every device,i have test it on every device possible even on bluestacks

    • Samik Dasgupta

      Samik Dasgupta

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      Yea no

  44. sharma saer

    sharma saer

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    After wasting time on different sites, a friend of mine recommended *𝐈𝐍𝐉𝐀𝐏𝐏* and it worked perfectly for me '3:38' Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

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    Sir_WideEyes games

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    the fact that this game lets you commit home invasion and harassment

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    I I’m not that mad lol

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    Scery teecher is bald

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    Lacey Stanley

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    Allison Greenidge

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    Syndi Reyes

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    I'm so happy that you posted a scaring teacher video I love scared teacher 3D but when I get to the dress part I literally quit the game 🎮.

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    ZEYAD the jaguar

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    Kendra Simpson

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  94. Thomas Royer

    Thomas Royer

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    You just go to the top of the house taking the latter and you take the lead off as you called me and then you put on the big structure thing the biggest thing and then you go up and then you go to a certain spot and then you can spy on MISS T

  95. Thomas Royer

    Thomas Royer

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